TV & Radio

TV Appearances

Hannah’s expertise is regularly called upon to develop and host documentaries and in the process she has been chucked off a mountain, spent hours in an arcade, and had the depths of her brain scanned multiple times. It’s impossible to choose any one over the others. So just watch them all. Equally full of thrills is the current show she is doing for BT Sport, “It’s a Numbers Game,” looking at the maths of sport with plenty of adventures along the way.

Radio & Podcasts

Off screen and on air, Hannah can be regularly heard on radio programmes and podcasts. Her long running lively BBC Radio Four show and podcast presented with geneticist Adam Rutherford, “The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry,” is a wonderfully playful romp through topics and has a large and devoted following. You can binge listen here. In contrast, her work on DeepMind: The Podcast takes a proper in-depth look into the world of AI and the amazing people and incredible stories from the forefront of artificial intelligence research, sparking and guiding the curiosity of listeners along the way.

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