Rutherford and Fry’s Complete Guide to Absolutely Everything (Abridged)

30 Ways Science Proves Your Intuition Wrong

Bantam Press, 2021

Coming Autumn 2021

This comprehensive guidebook tells the complete story of the universe and absolutely everything in it – skipping over some of the boring parts.

Our brains have evolved to tell us all sorts of things that feel intuitively right but just aren’t true: the world looks flat, the stars seem fixed in the heavenly firmament, a day is 24 hours… This book is crammed full of tales of how stuff really works, using the power of science to show you how to bypass your monkey-brains, taking you on a journey from the origin of time and space, via planets, galaxies, evolution, the dinosaurs, all the way into our minds, and wrestling with some truly head-scratching questions that only science can answer:

What is time, and where does it come from?

Why are animals the size and shape they are?

What is a thought?

How horoscopes work (Spoiler: they don’t, but you think they do)

Does my dog love me?

Why nothing is truly round

Do you need your eyes to see?

Coming Autumn 2021