How to install Networkx on a mac

1) Download the link “” from here:

2) Open your downloads folder and click on the file you just downloaded. Hopefully it should create a second, uncompressed file (also in your downloads folder) called “networkx-1.6″
3) Press Command + Space to open spotlight, and search for Terminal. Click on the top result and a white window with some black text should appear.
4) You now need to navigate your terminal to the downloads folder. It might be that all you need to do is type
“cd Downloads” BUT it depends on how your system is set up.
Essentially this terminal is a text version of the folders in finder.
-To see what folders are in your current location you type “ls”.
-To move into a new folder within your current directory (say a folder called “Hannah”) you type “cd Hannah”.
-To go up a folder you type “cd ..”
Move around until you find the downloads folder.
5) From within the downloads folder type “cd networkx-1.6″ into the terminal window
6) Also in the terminal window, type “sudo python install”
7) Type in your password (don’t worry that nothing appears on the screen)
8) Lots of text should come up. Have a glance through and see if an error comes up. If it does, send me a screen shot, if it doesn’t, go on to step 9.
9) Open up python and type in “import networkx” If no red text pops up then hurrah! You’ve installed everything correctly.
This might be helpful too:


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